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  • Unique design

    Each room is different, inspired by a subgenre of rock music

  • Rafting through the Nera Gorges

    A unique and thrilling experience

ROCKER's Inn Boutique Hotel

Rocker's Inn, innovative tourism in Cheile Nerei! We are different! Rocker's Inn is an experience in itself through the change it brings to the boutique hotel system. Nothing is ordinary with us: you will not see random design combinations and you will not get bored by the monochrome that dominates hotels elsewhere. Here you can explore from the moment you step on our doorstep. Rock music flows through the hallways. It's like Jimmy Page smashed his guitar against the walls or Keith Richards played billiards in the lounge. You get the impression that you can hear Bob Dylan rewrite his lyrics "Staying up late in Rocker's Inn" and it's like you can see Dave Mustaine with his feet up on the bed, resting after the concert. From folk music to heavy metal and back! All rooms are unique, each of them is a tribute to a period in rock history. This makes Rocker's Inn a true Boutique Hotel, which meets the most important criteria for you, our guest, to have unforgettable experiences: • the intimate space where you feel relaxed, the idea of ​​a closed circuit and the fact that the services are directly addressed to you and the rooms are personalized for those who share the same tastes, habits or lifestyle; • loyal customers whose preferences are respected, from the place in the restaurant or menu to the food-sharing style kitchen in order to truly form a "gang" around the table; • heated outdoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna, location-specific music, closed-circuit events where artists perform live, indoor lounge for leisure; • thrills and adrenaline through outdoor activities - zip-lining and rappelling, rafting, mountain biking and hiking on the fascinating routes in the Cheile Nerei Beușnița National Park.

Rocker's Inn - Sasca Montana

Frank Zappa once said that “Rock music was never written for or performed for conservative tastes.” Because rock never gets boring. Therefore once you come through the Rocker’s Inn door, any shade of black and white that you wear in your soul will instantly change into color. Rocker’s Inn is not a place to get bored or remain conservative. Rocker’s Inn is the scene that makes your soul sing at your heart's content - to the rhythms of flower power, blues, grunge, hard rock, heavy metal, industrial, jazz and other genres that you will hum in the uniqueness and colors of each room. At Rocker’s Inn you live the life of a superstar in a natural five-star setting. We write the story, we put on the music, we delight the mind, we open the champagne, we light up the fireworks. You just enjoy life. Because you have many reasons to!

Choose the right package

At Rocker’s Inn we serve you rock and adrenaline in a hard package! Come visit us and you will be convinced!


We offer accommodation, thrills and adrenaline in Team Building programs, preferred by various employers and employees!


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Hard & Heavy is the winning combination for a stay with friends at Rocker’s Inn!


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Family / Date

When you need a haven for two where "Close My Eyes Forever" sounds memorable, Rocker's Inn is... the first choice!

Family / Date

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From folk music to heavy metal, from grunge to industrial, each of our 17 rooms pays tribute to a certain period in the history of rock 'n' roll. Apart from personality and attitude, all rooms have the necessary amenities and facilities of a 4-star boutique hotel.
Leisure also comes with other elements that you will fully enjoy: heated outdoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi and bicycles to explore the area.


We all have a busy and hectic lifestyle. Many families only dine together on important holidays, while others eat in silence or with their eyes glued to their phones. That means we can't enjoy good food, fun and stories.
A simple lunch can become a whole new experience when it is truly shared with friends or new acquaintances.
This is the essence of the concept of "sharing food": dining with friends, partner, family or simply with other guests. Whether it's lunch or dinner, bowls and plates are placed on the table and everyone can serve anything and whenever they want. Everyone helps and serves each other. You eat what you want while socializing.


Unless you are addicted to adrenaline, our recommendation is to enjoy relaxing by the pool, jacuzzi and sauna, against the background of good music, surrounded by the nature's green in a beautiful area!
Forget the stressful life, at least for a few days, and get into the state of chillout that, you shall see, at Rocker’s Inn we know very well how to manage. Take a sunbed, close your eyes, listen to music, let the sun warm your body and soul, then cool off in the pool, drink something good and put your problems on hold.


We are welcoming you to an area that offers lots of possibilities. You will take part in outdoor activities in the Cheile Nerei Beușnița National Park, one of the most beautiful areas of Romania.
Ziplining and rappelling, rafting, mountain biking and hiking on safe, marked routes. In addition, you have access to the heated pool, sauna, jacuzzi and bicycles, which you can take for a ride for free to explore and enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the area.
Come to a different kind of rock concert in Paradise!

"An amazing location in the Nera Gorges where you can go hiking. Welcoming hosts and staff, very good food."
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Danut Fotachi


Choose from some of the most popular activities in Cheile Nerei

rafting pe cheile nerei
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Rafting downstream from Șopotu Nou to Damian's canton makes you see the Nera Gorges from a new perspective. It is accessible even to the inexperienced, the river being calm. It's not about super adrenaline, it's about the spectacular scenery.
tiroliana in cheile nerei
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The zip line route is in the La Tunele area with a length of about 90 m. It is for adrenaline lovers, who will start spectacularly from 40 meters high, crossing Nera from the left to the right bank.
DRUMEȚII cheile nerei
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Take the Scenic Route

Grab a trekking pole and get ready for spectacular hiking on a wild but safe route. If you are able to do it, you will cover a route of 22 km starting from Șopotu Nou to Podul Beiului.
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