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We have the keys to a better team: Cheile Nerei! Why is Rocker's Inn the best place to organize a team-building? *** Because here any team feels like on the Santiago Bernabeu or Nou Camp stadium *** *** Because you arrive in one of the most beautiful regions in the country *** *** Because every room here is different. And Remarkable will be your team's new name *** *** Because with us you build without getting bored *** *** Because we know what you want, how you want it and when you want it ***


Visiting the area and staying at Rocker’s Inn you will be able to carry out outdoor activities in the Cheile Nerei Beușnița National Park. Zip lining, abseiling, rafting, mountain biking, hiking on safe routes! At the Hotel we provide you with a heated swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi!


Cheile Nerei is an area full of fantastic attractions and sights and spectacular scenery. The waterfalls Văioagă, Bigăr, Beușnița, Devil's Lake, Nera Monastery, Sasca Montană, La Tunele are just a part of these natural and anthropic dream wonders.


Our Boutique Hotel has included in the price of the package traditional Romanian food and delicious international dishes! The flavors of Rocker’s Inn cuisine are addictive! The taste of Banat's dishes stays in everyone's memory.


Because we are different we let creativity define the decor of our rooms. The result is remarkable! Comfortable and unique, Rocker’s Inn rooms unravel interesting and engaging rock stories that always end up with a sequel. That's why you'll want to come back.


The covered terrace is large enough to allow you to spend quality time with colleagues accompanying you in the team building. After all, in this kind of outings, beyond the fun time, the team has the opportunity to get to know each other and bond better.


Whether it's a business meeting, building a solid team through team building, professional training, product launches, workshops or presentations, we at Rocker's Inn understand the importance of success. Therefore we welcome you at the conference and recreation room, with a capacity of about 50 seats, equipped with a modern TV system and sound, flipchart, high speed wireless internet.

Are you looking for the right place for team building?


The heated swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi are important elements for relaxation during your stay at Rocker’s Inn. Take advantage of them and forget about your busy life when you work from early in the morning until late at night. You are here to experience the ultimate relaxation!


If you haven't done so already it's time to enjoy the traditional food of Banat. The traditional Banat cuisine fascinates with its richness and variety, the flavors remaining etched in your memory long after you depart.


The campfire offers social connections and sublime effects of relaxation, materialized in increased prosocial behavior. In addition rock music and the campfire make an unbeatable team when it comes to relaxation. At Rocker’s Inn you will enjoy the most vibrant campfire you have ever attended.

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Cheile Nerei Beușnița National Park is a real fairytale land on the map of Romania. Located in the southeast of the country it is the favorite place for nature and adventure lovers, people who want to experience a vacation or just a few days in a unique place. The wild beauty that Cheile Nerei provides is amplified by the presence of some fabulous waterfalls, among them Bigăr Waterfall included in the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Therefore hiking on the Nera Gorges becomes memorable!


Rocker’s Inn correctly intuited that lovers of mountain biking will also be part of the great family of those who love unique places. That is why they rent bikes with which you can cover fairytale miles.

ADVENTURES - Rafting, zip line, rappelling

Daredevils and adrenaline lovers have the opportunity to practice their favorite sports as a team or to experience them for the first time. The zip line and abseiling, rafting, mountain biking and hiking on safe, marked routes delight those looking for adrenaline and interesting and unforgettable experiences.


You are one step away from traveling and getting caught in a fairytale world!

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